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One mobile solution to stay in touch with many local news outlets
localZ aggregates local news channels, personalizes them and have them on the mobile phone, tablet, and watch.
The mobile news solution designed for a connected local news network
Interact with the local town publishers and broadcasters
localZ.news network let readers select their favorite local publications, share interesting articles with friends, save it for later reading, take field photos and send it to their local media publishers and broadcasters. It's about staying engaged with the communities that matter most wherever they are.
localZ.news readers recently selected these local publications.
Go local, social and mobile!
Local publishers and broadcasters can immediately extend their reach to mobile users with no technology investment and headache.
The localZ community news network augments the web presence. The content is automatically viewed through standard RSS/ATOM feeds and optimized for on-the-go readers across mobile devices.
Reasons for local publishers and broadcasters to join the localZ.news network!
Realize new mobile revenue with local ads
Automatically build mobile ads. Deliver the highest conversion rate by targeting ads with relevant local content. Increase Search Engine ranking for local advertisers on localZ.news ad network. Turn print and web ads into mobile ads.
Interact with the local mobile audience
Publishers determine the content to serve their community. We provide the optimal user experience on mobile. Readers interact with local content by sharing, commenting and sending photos to content providers. Local businesses are pushed to mobile readers who are staying or visiting the community.
Build a loyal news audience
The audience engaged with local content wherever they go. localZ.news keeps the content fresh and accessible at all time putting Local news at the heart of the highest growing demand on mobile.
Analytics to track content and ads performance
Content analytics shows the number of followers and views for each news categories and articles. Ads performance analytics show engagement and conversion rate. Analytics are simple, informative and actionable.